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Top bathroom trends of 2020  

The New Year calls for a refresh, and the best and easiest place to start is the bathroom. There are endless design inspirations out there to help renovate your bathroom, here are five bathroom renovation trends of 2020: 


  1. Framed mirrors 

One of the easiest upgrades to your bathroom is to change out your vanity length spec home mirror, with a framed mirror over each sink. Choose a simple black frame or a dramatic shaped mirror and instantly transform your bathroom.  


  1. Statement Powder Rooms 

The Powder Room is the room where you should feel like you’re able to explore all design trends you’re too nervous to do in a larger space. Even though you rarely frequent this small space, your guests do, making it a great room to add in a wow factor. Feel free to add an accent wall or a patterned tile, a framed mirror, or even a funky light over the sink. Anything that will have your guests leaving the bathroom saying, “WOW”!  


  1. Integrated Lighting

Integrated lighting is one of the newest and most technological bathroom remodel trends of 2020. Add a back-lit mirror or under-cabinet lighting to add a modern spin on your bathroom lighting. Although integrated lighting could be one of the more expensive trends, there are contractors who can help you find a budget friendly option.  


  1. Free-standing tubs

Bath tubs could be considered the eye-sore of all bathrooms, but they don’t have to be. Adding a free-standing tub can turn your drab tub into the focal point of the room. Whether you choose to add a dramatic claw foot or luxurious soaker tub, this could be the upgrade your bathroom was begging for.  


  1. Matte finishes

Changing out your faucet, cabinet handles, showerhead, etc. can turn your drab finishes into modern and sleek statement pieces. Silver and gold finishes are a thing of the past, in choosing a matte black or brass finish, you are adding value to your home. This is one budget friendly trend of 2020 that you will not regret. 

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