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There are numerous decisions to be made when renovating your home, one of the most debated decisions that we’ve found, is Quartz or Granite? Two of the most popular countertop choices are often times, the most debated upon. So, which is actually best to use? We’ve listed a few categories to help you finally decided on Quartz or Granite countertops? 

Quartz countertop 


Quartz: Quartz is a manufactured stone, using 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins. This causes the quartz to be nearly indestructible. In using a polymer resin, the stone is not porous and will not absorb spills like granite. Owners must be cautious with heat; quartz could be damaged with excessive heat. 

Granite: Granite is a 100% natural stone, mined from different quarries and cut down to the necessary size for your space. This hard stone is resistant to heat, unlike its counterpart, quartz. Being 100% natural causes the stone to be porous, any spills could possibly cause stains on your granite. It could also be damaged by a high impact blow.  



Quartz: Because quartz countertops have a polymer resin, there is little to no worry about staining. Quartz countertops should be cleaned with soap and water or a stronger household cleaner. Because it is a solid countertop, there is no need to seal it, unlike a granite countertop. 

Granite: With granite being a porous stone, only mild household cleaners and soap and water should be used on it. Some oils can stain your granite, it is best to immediately clean any mess that happens to your granite countertop. To ensure the longevity of your granite, it would be wise to get your countertop resealed once a year. 



Quartz: Because quartz is manufactured, customers are easily able to customize the design of their countertops. With the use of crushed stone, customers are able to choose the color and pattern. This makes the selection process much easier over choosing a granite countertop, which may take customers some time to find the right piece to match their color scheme and idea for their renovation. 

Granite: There is almost a limitless selection of unique mineral inclusions when it comes to granite countertops. Whether you are looking for a more subtle countertop or a standout slab, there are many different colors and patterns that will best fit your home. Because it is a 100% natural cut stone, no two granite countertops are the same. 



Quartz: The average cost of quartz is between $1,500 – $5,500, depending on the quality and style of edging. Because quartz is a heavier stone, it is best to have a contractor or professional installer needs to install the countertop to be sure that the space is structurally sound.  

Granite: The average cost of granite, is between $2,000 – $4,000, this includes most installation fees. To save on the cost of a granite countertop, you can look at purchasing from a wholesaler and later finding a contractor who will install the countertop. 

Both of these stone countertops have many positive aspects, but it is ultimately up to the customer on which countertop would work best for their home and lifestyle. Now, which countertop do you prefer? Quartz or Granite? 

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