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You’ve made the decision to renovate your drab kitchen or bathroom, but have no idea where to start? If you’re worried that you’ll miss a pertinent detail of planning your home renovation, here are some tips to help you plan your next renovation. 

  1. Budget: 

Before starting your project, it is so important to know just how much money you are able to put towards a home renovation project. Here are a few questions to consider before moving forward with your project: How much can you put towards a home renovation project? Is what you are planning to do in your renovation within your budget? You may need to put more money towards buying and installing new cabinets versus painting your original cabinets. You also must keep in mind any further cost that may arise. Allocating a part of your budget specifically to any unexpected cost will save you from the surprise and panic of finding more money for your project. To solidify your budget, we suggest speaking with a contractor to see if what you want will be reasonably attainable. 

  1. Material Quality:

Your budget will greatly affect the quality of your materials that you use within your project. There are many different options to choose from within all avenues of a home renovation: floors, countertops, tile, etc. It is important to be realistic in choosing your materials if you are on a tight budget. When speaking with your contractor, be sure to let them know what part of your project you would be willing to spend more money on (ie. countertops, flooring, etc.). They will then be able to assist you in finding budget friendly materials to complete your project. 

  1. Timeframe

How long can you sacrifice your kitchen or bathroom to complete your project? During the planning portion of your project, it is important to give your contractor a clear timeframe in which you need your project completed. Going over your timeframe could cause you to pay more for labor, equipment, etc. therefore causing you to go overbudget. 

  1. Contractor

A contractor could make or break your home renovation project. Finding someone who will work within your budget while also work hard to bring your dream renovation to life is a daunting task. Take a look at our 5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Contractor to help you find a contractor for your next project. 

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