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DEMO DAY. Chip and Joanna Gaines practically perfected this day for us, montages filled with tearing out cabinets, busting through walls, and the occasional toilet getting thrown out the window. HGTV makes this day look so achievable and easy, they make you think, “tear down a cabinet? If Chip and Joanna can do it in a day, so can I!” But what they don’t show you is how much man power and home structural knowledge “Demo Day” actually requires. Repainting your bedroom? Sure, DIY away. But there are just some projects that are better left to the professionals, and here’s why: 

Monetary Risks  

Unless you are a contractor, architect, or engineer, it is best to leave a majority of demolition to the professionals. One of the biggest hazards that you can come across is unintentionally damaging your home. By ripping down a cabinet, you run the risk of tearing off dry wall, puncturing a wall that you mean to keep, or damaging plumbing or electrical wires. Did you know that there are dry wall AND wet walls in your home? One of the walls you could be demoing could potentially be a wet wall, which holds plumbing behind it, and could cause a leak or flood in your home. Unless you know how to find these wet walls and electrical wires, leave the wall or cabinet demo to the professionals. 


So, you think you’re prepared for the mess that accompanies “Demo Day”, you have tarps to help keep the rest of your home clean, but what do you do with debris removal? The bigger the project, the more debris you’re going to collect. By hiring a professional contractor, there will be no worry about debris removal. Most contractors work with a debris removal company and will be sure to collect any remanence of your “Demo Day”. 

Time Investment  

When you begin your home improvement project, one of the most important factors to think about is your timeframe for the project. By working with a contractor, you are able to lay out a timeframe that your contractor will be able to uphold. They are able to do this due to the number of workers they bring to the project. If you were to choose a DIY demolition, there is a chance that your schedule will not allow for you to complete a seven-day project within seven days. You may only have time on weekends, forcing you to halt your project during the week, prolonging it for weeks or maybe months. 

Physical Demands 

Watching Chip Gaines barrel through a wall or tear down a cabinet will never get old. They make it look so effortless and fun, but in reality, demolition can be draining and at times, dangerous. Depending on your project, there could be a physical aspect that could become a road block. Professional contractors are seasoned at this form of physical labor and have a better understanding of the demolition process. They know just what tools to use to complete the job with ease. 

Before beginning your project, it would be beneficial to think about these four factors of a DIY “Demo Day” before knocking down a load bearing wall or bursting a pipe after tearing down a cabinet. Remember, contractors are professionals, they are here to make your demolition easier. 

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