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Kitchen light fixtures can be both functional and a beautiful design aspect. Finding the right lighting for your kitchen renovation can help to accentuate your design by illuminating architectural and decorative elements. We have listed out four different types of kitchen light fixtures that can be installed in your kitchen. 


Recessed lighting 

Recessed Lighting is one of the most common kitchen lighting, offering a clean look that can be used throughout your home. Recessed Lights are normally 6 inches in diameter and should be placed roughly 5 feet apart. The beauty of Recessed Lighting is that you are able to choose the placement throughout your kitchen to an extent. The places to focus on are above the island, sink, and any other locations that are high use areas. You can also install Directional Recessed Lighting by using an eyeball trim casing with rotation. Directional Recessed Lighting is perfect for ceilings with a peak or on a slant. 


Track Lighting  

Track lighting has made incredible improvements within the last decade. Track Lighting is now made with smaller lamps, allowing home owners to be able to add more lights per track, along with add any decorative pendants they would like to add to their kitchen. You are easily able to adjust where in the kitchen the light will illuminate, and are also able to install curved tracks to better help illuminate corners. 


Decorative Pendant Lighting  

Decorative Pendant Lighting can be used to create a focal point and design aspect to your kitchen. Pendant lights can be placed over the island in sets of two or three. You can find Decorative Pendant Lighting in all materials, shapes, and sizes. You can find a list of different Decorative Pendant Lights for seven different design themes on our blog post “Lighting for Every Kitchen”. Click the link to read the post! 


Cabinet Lighting 

Cabinet Lights are both a great design aspect and are practical to help illuminate highly used counter space. LED light strips can be installed underneath cabinets, while Puck lighting can be installed inside glass door cabinets to illuminate the contents inside. A dimmer can be installed for the Puck light to reduce the heat given off inside of the cabinet. 

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